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Islands in the Sand:  Nearshore Hardbottom Reefs of East Florida

Dr. Dan McCarthy, Professor, Jacksonville University

Dr. Ken Lindeman, Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

Dive in to learn about the fascinating network of nearshore reefs that lies hidden just feet off of our local shorelines.  Running the length of Florida’s east coast, from Miami to St. Augustine, these fragile reefs made of coquina and living worm rock provide a home to dozens of plant and animal species, protect our shorelines from storms, and offer a range of recreational opportunities for coastal citizens.

This is a free, ZOOM-based lecture. Space is limited and preregistration is required. 

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Join us every Tuesday evening, from January 5th through March 9th, as we use Zoom to stream world-class live lectures right into the comfort of your home.  These free lectures will keep you connected with science and the environment, even though COVID-19 has temporarily suspended our traditional in-person get togethers.  You will experience the same fantastic caliber of speakers that you’ve come to expect from the Coastal Lecture Series, but without the added risk of gathering in a social setting.  Last year’s Coastal Lecture Series broke our all-time attendance record, with more than 1,700 guests in attendance.  By using technology to reach a broader audience, we hope to see even more of you as regulars in our “virtual audience” this year.

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