The goal of the Research Department’s summer internship program is for individuals to gain experience in collaboration, experimental design, data collection, and dissemination of results while working as part of a productive research and restoration laboratory. Interns are given the opportunity to conduct an independent project in marine ecology under the guidance of department scientists. While working on their projects, interns are fully integrated into the Research Department and assist with ongoing habitat monitoring and various research projects, where they gain valuable field and laboratory experience.

If you are interested in applying for the Research Department’s summer internship program, please visit our internships page to find out more information and application details.

Past Interns & Their Projects

Gabby Tullock
University of Connecticut - Storrs, Connecticut
Project Title: Interstitial Space and Salinity Impacts on the Growth and Survival of Crassostrea virginica and the Fauna that Rely on Oyster Reefs

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Adam Swider
Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Project Title: Living Docks: An Investigation of Alternative Materials To Plastic Zip Ties

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Paige Simpson
University of Missouri - Columbia, Missouri
Project Title: Implications of Halodule wrightii Shoot Density on Restorative Transplant Success and Prescence of Sediment Organic Matter

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Interns 2023  Group

Jada Brown
University of Tampa - Tampa, Florida
Project Title: Evaluation of Herbivory Exclusion for Restoration on the Survival Success of Transplanted Halodule wrightii Seagrass in the Indian River Lagoon

C. Aiden Rooney
Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, Florida
Project Title: Impacts of Salinity Stress on Crassostrea virginica Density, Recruitment, and Predation in a Southeast Florida Estuary

2022 Intern Presentations

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Alyvia Martinez
Albion University - Albion, Michigan
Project Title: Monitoring the Success of Oyster Spat Recruitment on Plastic Free Oyster Modules

Caroline Root
Avila University - Kansas City, Missouri
Project Title: Assessing Mangrove Growth in Conjunction with Sargassum

Sarah Harris
University of North Carolina Wilmington - Wilmington, North Carolina
Project Title: Health of Halodule wrightii Seagrass Grown in Conjunction with Mercenaria mercenaria Clams Under Varying Levels of Light Stress

Zachary Phillips
Southeast Missouri State University - Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Project Title: Long Term Oyster Monitoring in The St. Lucie Estuary and Indian River Lagoon

Poster presentation

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Marco Vallejos
Williams College - Williamstown, Massachusetts
Project Title: Microplastics in Seagrasses: A Pilot Study to Investigate the Presence of Microplastics in Seagrasses Beds in the Indian River Lagoon