Volunteer FAQ

How can I volunteer?

Click HERE to check out Florida Oceanographic’s volunteer page. We offer one-time volunteer events as well as long-term volunteer opportunities. The one-time events such as beach cleanups and oyster shell baggings are listed on our website each month. If you are interested in the  long-term volunteer opportunities, such as becoming an Exhibit Guide, you find out more HERE.

Do I need to attend a volunteer information session before I attend a volunteer event?

You don’t need to attend a volunteer information session before attending a one-time volunteer event. It is a great idea to attend one of our volunteer sessions if you would like more information on our organization and all of our volunteer opportunities we offer.

Can I volunteer if I am under the age of 15?

If you are under 15 years old, you will need a parent/guardian to volunteer with you at our volunteer events. You must be at least 15 years old to begin volunteering as an Exhibit Guide.

Do you sign off on court mandated service hours?

If you attend a one-time volunteer event we may be able sign off on the hours for that event, but you must get preapproval from the Volunteer Coordinator. We are unable to offer any other volunteer opportunities for court-mandated service hours.

How do I find out about volunteer events?

Our monthly events calendar gets updated by the 1st of every month HERE. Our events do have size limits so please make sure to sign-up for events in order to participate.

Why should I fill out a volunteer application?

Volunteers who have filled out our online volunteer application HERE will receive our monthly volunteer newsletter, get recognition for hours served, and are invited to special volunteer events.

Can our group volunteer together?

We do offer organized group volunteer events, such as beach cleanups and oyster shell baggings. Please contact Rosemary Badger at rbadger@floridaocean.org to get more information on group volunteer opportunities.

I am a seasonal resident. Can I still participate in long-term volunteer opportunities while I’m here?

We offer one-time volunteer events (such as beach cleanups and oyster shell baggings) you can sign-up HERE.  Our Exhibit Guide position does require a minimum 3-month commitment. Our Water Quality Tester position requires a minimum one-year commitment.