Mark Perry being interviewed
Mark Perry being interviewed

Taking our message to the community 

As active advocates, we fight for our waterways and the preservation of Florida's environment. In addition to being members of the Rivers Coalition, Everglades Coalition and Blue Frontier Campaign, we lead conversations, take part in stakeholder meetings and work to educate the community about water quality issues.

Take a look at what we've recently participated in over the past year: 

  • We participated in 42 local, state and federal agency meeting and conference calls
  • We attended March for the Ocean in Washington, D.C. and met with elected officials regarding our ocean and coastal environments 
  • We represented our community at the annual Everglades Coalition Conference which was attended by over 300 participants from around the state 
  • We attended America's Everglades Summit in Washington, D.C. 
  • During the 2018 election year, we met with and educated candidates running for local and statewide offices 


Mark Perry standing with blue-green algae
Group of water advocates standing in front of a building
Mark Perry and Representative Brian Mast sitting at a table
Group of water advocates discussing issues
Advocacy in action & community engagement

Through outreach we have advocated for the environment at local events and meetings with both the community and visitors from out of town. We share our Dark, Flat and Clean messaging with hotels on Hutchinson Island so that all beach-goers can play a part in protecting sea turtles. Volunteers put advocacy into action monthly at every adopt-a-highway, beach and waterway cleanup.  

Learn more about the impacts of harmful algal blooms and why you should get involved in the fight to Save Our Waters. Click here to watch “Troubled Waters”.