FOSTER monitors the survival and growth of natural and restored seagrass beds to evaluate the success of our seagrass restoration programs.

Surveys of Natural Seagrass Beds: Staff and volunteers conduct monthly surveys of presence and percent cover of the natural seagrass population right off the lagoon shoreline at the Florida Oceanographic Society Center. We have observed four main species in this area: shoal grass (Halodule wrightii), paddle grass (Halophila decipiens), manatee grass (Syringodium filiforme), and the federally listed Johnson's grass (Halophila johnsonii).

Restoration Monitoring: Seagrass planting units used in restoration projects are monitored for survival and growth (i.e. shoot densities, heights). We also compare different restoration methods, such as how oyster reefs affect survival and the type of planting units used, on seagrass success.


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