Field Trips

Field trips 

All of our guided field trips are booked for the current school year. Please check back in August to schedule a visit for the 2019-2020 school season. If you would like to schedule a group visit this summer, please visit our Self-Guided Group page.

Florida Oceanographic Society offers grade-level based field trips during the school year for students in grades K-12 in accordance with the New Generation Sunshine State Standards.  For questions or field trip availability, please contact Yasmeen Fadlallah at 772-225-0505 ext. 116 or

Preschool Program

  • 90 minute program 
  • Guided field trip includes: a private, interactive stingray program and exploration of select exhibits 
  • Student limit: 15 min./ 30 max.
  • Program fee: $6.00 per student/adult 

Elementary (K-5th) Level Program

  • 2 hour program
  • Guided field trip includes: a private, interactive stingray program, exploration of select exhibits, and a grade-level focused lesson or activity
  • Student limit: 15 min./ 50 max. 
  • Program fee: $7.00 per student/adult 

Secondary (6-12th) Level Program

  • 3 hour program
  • Guided field trip includes: a classroom lesson and group exercise built around the chosen topic, then an interactive activity to further emphasize the lesson's focus 
  • Options include:
    • Oyster Reefs as Habitat
    • Oysters & Water Quality
    • Mingling with Mangroves
    • Focusing on Fishes
  • Student limit: 15 min./ 30 max.
  • Program fee: $9.00 per student/adult 

Seining Adventure 

  • 3 hour water-based program
  • Appropriate for 3-12th grade classes
  • Program includes: a guided nature walk through our mangrove swamp, seine netting in the Indian River Lagoon, and an overview of select exhibits (grades 3-5) or a grade-appropriate lesson (grades 6-12)
  • Student limit: 15 min./ 25 max.
  • Program fee: $14.00 per student/adult 

FLOORED (Florida Oceanographic Oyster Restoration Education and Discovery) Program

The ultimate hands-on experience! A 2-part program that starts with an interactive classroom lesson about oyster ecology - followed by an in-water opportunity for your students to study oyster communities and build their own oyster restoration reef.  For an extra fee, we'll even come out to your classroom for part 1!

  • 4.5 hour program 
  • Secondary level (6th-12th) program 
  • Student limit: 15 min./ 25 max.
  • Price: $18.00 per student/adult

Virtual Field Trip Program 

Visit Florida Oceanographic without leaving your school. Stream a live, interactive lesson directly into your classroom. 

For more information about our virtual field trips please visit our virtual field trip page

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