Shell-shocked: Sea turtle nesting records shattered in St. Lucie County

The protection of sea turtles during nesting season has been championed for years. Now, nesting records are being broken. St. Lucie County has documented more loggerhead and green turtle nests this year than ever before.

Burlap is helping to stabilize seagrass in the Indian River Lagoon

The Florida Oceanographic Society is conducting waterway conservation research regarding seagrass restoration, water quality monitoring, and oyster development.

Is Lake Okeechobee's water level too high? Head of Florida Oceanographic Society says yes

The rainy season is far from over and worries grow about what that could mean for communities on the Treasure Coast and in Palm Beach County.

Health officials issued blue-green algae bloom advisory, residents say they are concerned

Residents in Pahokee say they are becoming more and more concerned about the toxic blue-green algae in Lake Okeechobee.

Lost Summer 10 years on: Are Lake Okeechobee, Indian River Lagoon, estuary woes too big?

"As we continue through the 10th anniversary of the Lost Summer of 2013, I’m going to make a pessimistic prediction," writes Laurence Reisman. "Like Ernie Lyons, Nathaniel Reed, Maggy Hurchalla ― some the past century’s greatest advocates for the Indian River Lagoon and the estuaries that feed it ― I doubt many of us my age will be around to see the day when folks never think twice about swimming in those waterways."

Spot treatment of blue-green algae proving effective in early stages, experts encouraged

A treatment for blue-green algae seems to be working at least in concentrated areas of the C-44 canal.

Experts say the South Florida Water Management District has been using hydrogen peroxide to help lower the toxicity in the water coming from Lake Okeechobee, stopping the algae from reaching estuaries.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center teaches protection, conservation

The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is located on Hutchinson Island in Martin County, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon. This interactive facility allows visitors to explore the native ecosystem of Florida in a way that some people may never experience.

Algae Alert: blue-green algae spreading into C-44 Canal, visible in Indiantown

Toxic algae is now making its way outside of Lake Okeechobee and into the canals along the Treasure Coast.

The algae has been spotted Wednesday at Timer Powers Park along with warning signs to keep people away from the toxins in the water.

Blue-green algae at Indiantown boat ramp 100 times more toxic than what's considered safe

The excessive heat across South Florida is fueling more toxic blue-green algae along the Treasure Coast.

The Florida Department of Health in Martin County issued a health alert Tuesday for the presence of harmful blue-green algal toxins in the C44 Canal near the boat ramp at Timer Powers Park in Indiantown.

Sebastian fish kill could be warning sign of more to come due to rising temperatures

A fish kill in Indian River County could be the first warning sign of more marine life dying off due to high temperatures and runoff, according to a biologist.

Grassroots effort: Tackling seagrass scarcity in Indian River Lagoon to save starved sea life

Florida's seagrass is dying off, creating a massive issue in the Indian River Lagoon. It's leading to a spike in starvation deaths for the animals that rely on it, like manatees.

August 2023 Newsletter

Read our August 2023 Newsletter

Environmental leaders meet in Martin County to discuss 'imminent' Lake O discharges

Mark Perry, Florida Oceanographic Society Executive Director & CEO, discusses Lake Okeechobee water management with Steve Davis, Everglades Foundation chief science officer, at the St. Lucie Lock and Dam on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, in Martin County. 


Reaffirming the Need to Restore the Everglades in Memory of the 'Lost Summer'

Environmental Groups gathered in Stuart Tuesday, July 25th, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of what has come to be known as the ‘Lost Summer’, a series of devastating algae blooms that left south Florida residents stunned and spurred renewed efforts to restore the Everglades.

Citizen scientist teens identify fish during Stuart summer camp

Kids identify fish while snorkeling during Florida Oceanographic Society's Teen Immersion Experiences Camp at DuBois Park on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, in Jupiter.

'There isn't a cure or an antidote': Experts say to keep pets away from blue-green algae

Blue-green algae’s toxicity is a worry for both wildlife and humans. With the algae spreading beyond Lake Okeechobee and into canals, there’s ample cause for concern.

Sea turtle lovers swarm beach for nest dig in Jensen Beach

Sea turtle enthusiasts watch as Ecological Associates Inc. and Florida Oceanographic Society staff excavate a loggerhead nest in front of Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa.

'Real toxic levels:' Blue-green algae bloom crisis escalates in Lake Okeechobee

The algae problem in Lake Okeechobee is becoming more prevalent. 

The blue-green algae is now even visible on the canal-side of the Port Mayaca Lock, which means it is now starting to spread.



Florida Oceanographic Society committed to improving water quality in St. Lucie Estuary, Indian River Lagoon

"We need everyone to be involved in that process and stand up for our waters," Casey Kniffin, advocacy coordinator, said. "We do a lot behind the scenes."

Florida Oceanographic Society committed to improving water quality in St. Lucie Estuary, Indian River Lagoon

'I think we've recognized we can't continue to pollute it and think it’s going to survive,' Mark Perry says.

July 2023 Newsletter

Read our July 2023 Newsletter

DEP investigates hacked mangroves at Sandpiper Bay Resort in Port St. Lucie

A Port St. Lucie resort has been under investigation since the state found about 944 mangrove trees — a swath the length of the Caribbean Princess cruise ship — illegally cut down to nubs on the shoreline.

Army Corps releases wet season strategy amid blue-green algae concerns

"It's thick, it's bad and if they open those gates it's coming,' Mark Perry, the executive director of the Florida Oceanographic Society, says.

New budget item feared to fuel blue-green algae on the Treasure Coast

The Florida Oceanographic Society is one of 55 organizations and municipalities that asked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to veto the budget item.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Environmental Leaders Applaud Governor Ron DeSantis’ Continued Environmental Commitment through the Framework for Freedom Budget

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Framework for Freedom Budget for Fiscal Year 2023-24, which includes over $3.8 billion for Florida’s environment and reinforces the state’s commitment to Everglades restoration, water quality protections, vital land acquisitions, and resilience of inland and coastal communities. 

Gov. DeSantis touts Florida, water quality in Fort Pierce at budget signing

Gov. Ron DeSantis came to the Pelican Yacht Club on Thursday to sign the state budget − which included $100 million for the Indian River Lagoon − and talk about his presidential campaign, on the edge of the waterway. 

Lake Okeechobee almost completely covered in algae, sparking summer concerns

'It's very, very concerning that we're already into this, and it's only the beginning of June,' Mark Perry says.

‘It’s devastating’: Florida questioning Michael Mota after resort’s protected mangrove trees chopped down

“It’s devastating,” said Loraé T. Simpson, the director of scientific research and conservation, at the Florida Oceanographic Society. 

June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

Fertilizer Fight: 55 groups pen letter to governor to veto fertilizer study, protect water

Nitrogen and Phosphorous can make your lawn beautiful, but they also feed blue-green algae and kill seagrass, critical to marine life in our waterways. Environmental groups want the governor to veto a plan they say will hurt local ecosystems.