Educational Resources

Florida Oceanographic Society wants to ensure that your youngsters are able to learn and cultivate a passion for the environment.  On this page, you will find a variety of educational resources and activities geared towards at-home learning for children (and adults)!

Florida Everglades Restoration
  • Everglades to Estuaries: What Everglades Restoration Means for the Treasure Coast
2021 Coastal Lecture Series
  • "Florida’s Invasive Reptiles and Amphibians"
  • "Florida’s Mangroves Move North in the Absence of Winter Freezes" 
  • "Living in the Zika Latitudes: Mosquitoes, Humans, & Emerging Pathogens "
  • "Making Florida Springs Great Again"
  • "Marine Megafauna Health Assessments: Insights into Marine Ecosystem Health"
  • "Islands in the Sand: Nearshore Hardbottom Reefs of East Florida"
  •  "Indian River Lagoon Research at the Smithsonian Marine Station"
  • "Ditch of Dreams: The Cross Florida Barge Canal & the Struggle for Florida’s Future" 


  • "Florida’s Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish: Past, Present, and Future"


Educational Webinars
  • Science Behind Oyster Restoration
  • Florida's Fantastic Sea Turtles
  • The Story of Florida's Algae Issues
  • Restoring Oysters to Save Our Waters
2020 Coastal Lecture Series
  • Coastal Lecture Series: Sea Level Rise - Fact and Fiction
  • Coastal Lecture Series: Hope for Healthier Waters in the Sunshine State: Update 2019
  • Coastal Lecture Series: Images Documenting the History of Hutchinson Island
  • Coastal Lecture Series: The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter
  • Coastal Lecture Series: Light in the Sea: Extremes of Vision in Marine Giants
  • Coastal Lecture Series: FWC Tequesta Field Laboratory – Local Research, Monitoring and More
  • Coastal Lecture Series: Deepwater Horizon – Ten Years Later
  • Coastal Lecture Series: The boys are back in town: Seasonal aggregations of blacktip sharks in southeast Florida