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Talicia Vanhooser Shares Her Time and Talent

November's Volunteer Spotlight!

Tarpon: Nine Fascinating Facts About Florida's Premier Game Fish

Tarpon, often referred to as the "silver king," are more than just a trophy catch for anglers.

TCPalm's 12 Days of Christmas Feature

Support Florida Oceanographic!

TCPalm Photographs Our Latest Oyster Deployment

Our volunteers were working hard at our latest oyster deployment!

TCPalm: Take a look inside Florida Oceanographic Society's new Ocean EcoCenter

Check out photos of exhibits and displays in the Ocean EcoCenter!

Teen Environmental Ambassador Program: Restoring Oyster Populations (Canceled)

Wade into the Indian River Lagoon and learn first-hand about oyster restoration!

Teen Environmental Ambassador Program - Ocean Plastic Advocates

Gain a better understanding of the origins and issues of plastic pollution in our oceans with a group cleanup of Stuart Beach.

Teen Environmental Ambassador Program - Oyster Habitat Monitoring (FULL)

Work with our Research Staff and learn about the importance of living oyster reefs.

Teen Environmental Ambassador Program - Ocean & Climate

Learn about how the changing climate is affecting our ocean and what part we can play in advocating for change. 

Teen Environmental Opportunities

LOVE the environment? Want to share your passion and earn volunteer hours? Independent Beach Cleanups Ideal for students who need a flexible schedule and are not able to make a weekly commitment. This volunteer program allows participants to conduct a beach cleanup at their convenience. It is as…

Teen Immersion Experiences Camp Info Sign-Up (Ages 12-16)

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In the Bedroom of the Shark (In Person Registration)

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In the Bedroom of the Shark: Underwater Mating and Dating in the Florida Keys

Dive in to learn more about the fascinating story of nurse shark courtship and mating from a world-renowned shark biologist.

The History of the St. Lucie River - 125 years of Change

Step back in time to see how a documentary filmmaker unraveled the true history of the St. Lucie River, “America’s Amazon.”

The Incredible Journey Home: Understanding Sea Turtles and Natal Homing

Imagine embarking on an epic journey spanning thousands of miles, navigating vast oceans with pinpoint precision, only to return to the exact stretch of beach where your life began. This remarkable feat is a reality for sea turtles, thanks to a phenomenon known as natal homing.

The Loxa-Lucie Headwaters - Continuing the History of Preserving Environmentally Valuable Lands in Martin County

Learn about a new land preservation initiative to protect the headwaters of Kitching Creek and the north-flowing South Fork of the St. Lucie River.

In The News

RESEARCH DEPARTMENT NEWS (8/2023) Director of Research and Conservation, Dr. Loraé Simpson, spoke with City & State Florida about what sargassum can teach us about mangroves and their tolerance to high nutrient levels. You can read the article at the link here. (8/2023) Our Research Teams…

"The Science Behind Oyster Restoration" Workshop

Learn about the science behind oyster restoration and living shoreline construction! 

The Story of Plastic Film Screening

Join us at the Blake Library for a screening of The Story of Plastic.

The Vital Role of Seagrass in Coastal Ecosystems

Beneath the shimmering surface of our coastal waters lies a hidden treasure vital to the health of our marine environments: seagrass.