Virtual Field Trip Program

" Sea Turtle Tracks"

Invite Florida Oceanographic's Education Staff into your middle or high school classroom for a live, interactive, virtual field trip experience focused on sea turtle biology and conservation. 
Grade Level: 5th- 12th grade (grade appropriate content) 
Time Frame: 50-minute program includes extensive back-and-forth interaction between students and Florida Oceanographic's educators
Classroom Requirements: Computer with internet access and Skype account, webcam, microphone, speakers, and digital projector (A pre-program test session will be scheduled to ensure connectivity) 
Lesson Overview: 
  • Biology and Ecology of Sea Turtles: Sea turtle adaptations, behavior, diet, nesting patterns and life cycle
  • Conservation of the World's Sea Turtles: Threats to sea turtles and what we, as environmental stewards, can do to help
  • Florida Oceanographic's Non-Releasable Sea Turtles: How our organization cares for and enriches the "non-releasable" sea turtles that call our facility home
Program Limitations: Each 50 minute virtual field trip is ideally designed for a single class of up to ~40 students. 

Program Cost: $75.00 per session


To request a virtual field trip program,please visit our Skype for the Classroom page below or contact Michelle at