Stop Lake Okeechobee Discharges - Update!

The recent announcement from the USACE to end harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges marks a crucial milestone in our ongoing battle to protect our waterways and ecosystems. Thanks to your efforts, we've seen a significant step forward in our fight against these discharges.

Though we celebrate this victory, we must remain vigilant. As the threat of discharges still looms, due to a potentially rainy summer season, we urge continued collaboration between the USACE and SFWMD to mitigate this risk. Our collective voice must continue to advocate for the health of our environment, ensuring that decisions are made with our ecosystems well-being in mind.

Together, we've made strides, but our journey is far from over. Let's keep pushing forward, united in our commitment to preserve and restore the natural beauty of our beloved Florida.

Want to get more involved in the health of our coastal ecosystems? Read our blog at the link below for some actionable steps you can take to protect our Earth and make a positive impact on coastal ecosystems.

Take Action for Our Ecosystems