Sandy Hoffman Energizes The Green Team

After spending 40 years as a special education teacher working overseas and in California and Florida, Sandy Hoffman retired from the U.S Department of Defense Overseas Schools in 2018. She moved to the Treasure Coast to be near family, and immediately signed on as a Florida Oceanographic Society volunteer. Sandy’s given about 200 hours in the past three years.

"I first volunteered for the Florida Oceanographic Society in the mid-1990s. For a limited time there was a volunteer Dive Team exploring the possibilities of creating underwater habitats.” says Sandy. “When I retired in 2018, the Dive Team opportunity had ended. I joined the Green Team, which does landscape work. I knew I wanted to serve my community, and this is worthy work, helping people learn how to care for the environment.” After earning her bachelor’s from Southern Illinois University, Sandy headed to Australia and then the island of St. Croix as a special ed teacher. Eventually her profession took her to Italy and Germany, where she worked with students in military families.  “It was the most exciting career I could have picked for myself,” says Sandy, who is always up for a new experience. “The opportunity to live in different cultures and learn different languages was amazing.”

Sandy likes to spend as much of her day outside as possible. She took time off from her career to sail a 37’ trimaran from Mobile Bay, Alabama to St. Croix, and loved living on the boat. She enjoys water sports like kayaking and boogie boarding. She’s also very close with her sister, who lives in Port St. Lucie. Sandy became an ordained minister in order to perform her sister’s wedding ceremony.

“I really enjoy working with the Green Team to keep the Coastal Center grounds looking beautiful,” says Sandy.  “They are a great group of interesting, knowledgeable people from different backgrounds who’ve come together as a team. I’ve found my niche with them.”

Sandy Hoffman Snapshot

Born in: Springfield, MA

Alma mater: University of San Diego, Master’s in Education Administration

Interests: Traveling, diving, gardening, reading, movies and live theater, sailing, being with family

Book faves: Clive Cussler, historical fiction

Musical note: Loves to play her ukulele