Meet Judy Biegler

Volunteer Judy Biegler When her granddaughter suggested she become a Florida Oceanographic Society volunteer, Judy Biegler didn’t hesitate. Visits to Florida Oceanographic had been a family tradition since 2005. Joining us as a volunteer in 2015, Judy has already logged in more than 400 hours of service, mainly as an exhibit guide and sea turtle scout. She’s also been an instrumental volunteer for Lights on the Lagoon at the Coastal Center.

“We’ve always loved the beach, so Hutchinson Island was a natural choice when we retired from Orlando,” says Judy. “I try to walk the beach every day, and really enjoy being part of the Coastal Center’s nighttime sea turtle walk program.” Judy is one of Florida Oceanographic’s dedicated sea turtle scouts for the popular walks where people get the opportunity to witness and learn about a nesting sea turtle. Online registration for the walks on begins May 1st.

Judy and her husband Craig lived in Kansas, Alabama and Colorado before settling in Orlando for work. Though Judy majored in elementary-level physical education, she pursued a career in technology project management, working for AT&T, the FBI, and a small software firm. The couple raised two daughters, and have four grandkids who live within a few hours’ drive.  “We have three grandsons and a granddaughter all in their teens, and we’re able to attend many of their sporting events and concerts,” says Judy.  

Another passion is cruises. Judy and Craig took their first cruise for an anniversary trip in 1984, and she’s continued the tradition with family and friends at least every other year since. Judy counts cruises along the Mediterranean coast, Hawaii and Alaska among her favorites.

Judy is enthusiastic about the education happening at the Coastal Center.  “Exhibit guide is a great role. I love sharing the knowledge I have and continually building more every day,” she notes. “Our visitors are always asking interesting questions, so it’s an opportunity for us both to learn something new.”

Judy Snapshot:

Born in: Kansas
Favorite Eats: Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House 
Recent Flicks: Hostiles 
Travel Tradition: Cruises 
Hobbies: Beach walks, holiday crafting