International Ocean Film Festival 2024

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Join Florida Oceanographic Society for the 2024 International Ocean Film Festival and dive into the lives of marine creatures, find a deeper human connection to the ocean and be inspired to conserve our marine ecosystems. The total screening time for this selection of short films is approximately 2 hours and will include remarks from Florida Oceanographic’ s Executive Director & CEO, Mark Perry.

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The International Ocean Film Festival has showcased a diverse array of ocean topics, including marine wildlife, conservation, coastal cultures, and ocean heroes. This year's screening, presented by Florida Oceanographic Society, continues this tradition with an exciting lineup of films that include...

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Lyric Theatre
59 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart, Florida 34996
Michelle Byriel, Community Outreach & Event Coordinator
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Boogs Rosales | Philippines — Dahican illuminates the transformation of Filipino fishermen from turtle hunters to dedicated conservationists. The film captures their journey, emphasizing the crucial role of educating the younger generation in sustaining these efforts. A testament to the power of conservation awareness. The film is an uplifting exploration of positive change within communities striving to protect and preserve endangered species.

Wild Hope

Wild Hope: Return of the Manatees

USA — This concise, upbeat film captures the triumph of eelgrass restoration in Crystal River, Florida. The story unfolds as the community unites to safeguard manatees, which are threatened by invasive algae. A testament to grassroots efforts, this film inspires with creative solutions, that illustrate how everyone can make a difference in preserving ecosystems and protecting wildlife.

Deep Trouble Film

Deep Trouble

Lavinia Currier | USA — Two friends from different backgrounds make a desperate plea for a moratorium on the latest ocean scourge--deep sea mining. World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle urge us to speak up and put an end to corporate greed that reaches new lows––the bottom of the ocean, home to hundreds of yet to be discovered unique species.

Menhaden Film 2


William McKeever | USA — In Chesapeake Bay, a Canadian company arrives to fish for menhaden, stirring conflict with local recreational and commercial fishermen who oppose their excessive harvesting. Tensions escalate to a climax during a regulatory meeting as both sides vie for victory.

Kingdom of Ice

Kingdom of Ice: Antarctica's Leopard Seals

Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Andy Mann & SeaLegacy| USA — This bite-sized film takes a “Gary Larsen-esque” look at one of Antarctica’s most fearsome predators, leopard seals. The bane of hapless penguins, they confront divers with a fearless ferocity and razor-sharp teeth. The humans soon discover they are objects of special interest: but as pals…or prey? See how one encounter revealed our “role” in their world (prepare to be humbled).

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